Your Phone Is Your Passport  

Gone are the days where in-house training was the ultimate. Our TeleCon Training Platform allows callers to:

  1. Access coaching, consulting, and mentoring via their mobile phones
  2. To do so from the comfort of their homes.
  3. Call without internet connectivity.
  4. Set their own schedules



Nothing beats the effectiveness of face-to-face interactions during workshops! It’s still the most effective method of knowledge impartation.  The chemistry and warmth of human connectedness are therapeutic.


Yet, for most unemployed, rural youths, these ‘luxuries’ are way out of reach. Travelling distances between towns, cities, and provinces make it impossible to connect on a personal level.


This reality not only widens the gap of economic inequality; It deprives deserving youths from breaking loose from the trap of inferiority and further reinforces the status quo of the haves-and-the-have-nots.


Webinar Training seemed to solve this problem to a certain degree, because it allows 24/7 access to training opportunities. Yet, according to a 2017 research by the University of Cape Town (UCT), more than half of SA’s youth are offline at home.


Most of them only have access to the Internet when on campus, at school or at their local library. Other than that, they can’t access online training at home. This is where our method becomes relevant!

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 Who Knows?

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How To Register For Your Session

Register Here & Get Your Access Code

Click On This Link & Book Your Session

  1. We will confirm your enrolment with an ACCESS CODE via email.
  2. Please refresh your browser after submission and check your inbox.
  3. That code is your KEY to our Tele-Conference. Use it when you call our number.
  4. Proceed to the next step.

Do A Test Call

If you haven’t used our TeleCon Training Platform before, then we highly recommend the following:

  1. Call our TeleCon number – 087 5500 698 – at least a few hours before your session.
  2. Listen to the 30-second instructional message.
  3. This exercise is so important and will allow you to get familiar with the calling process.
  4. We stress this point because we already had callers who didn’t know what to do and lost out.
  5.  This will give you confidence and will allow you to focus your entire concentration on the training session.
  6. If you know what to do, you’ll be relaxed during the session and will focus on the contents of the course.
  7. Ensure that you correctly enter your Access Code when instructed to do so. Wrong numbers won’t get to the platform.

Be Punctual For Your Session


  1. Minutes after the introduction, the conference line will be locked. 
  2. Even if you have paid and have the access code; the system will automatically lock you out.
  3. This control system is important to ensure that the session is not interrupted by ‘late callers’.
  4. However, in unforeseen cases where it’s impossible to meet your appointments, you will have another opportunity to set up a new appointment.
  5. Just visit our Online Scheduling Platform and reschedule your next session.

Find A Quiet Spot

Since this is a Conference Call, it’s important to take charge of the following aspects:

  1. Ensure a quiet room where there’s no distractions, interference or distractions.
  2. Any background noise will interfere with the audio presentation.
  3. If any background noise occurs from an individual, that person’s phone will be put on mute.
  4. The caller will still hear the presentation, but simply won’t be able to participate in discussions and ask questions.
  5. We don’t want this to happen to you and therefore kindly ask for your cooperation.

Come Prepared


  1. Mental and emotional preparation is very important before your session.
  2. This should be a ‘ME MOMENT’ for you and nothing and nobody should spoil your moment!
  3. Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged.
  4. If you’re on prepaid, ensure that you have at least R100 credit balance on your phone.
  5. Use a good set of earphones so that both your hands are free.
  6. Have a proper handbook available and at least two pens to take notes.
  7. We will provide notes after each session.

VERY IMPORTANT! Prepare at least a day before the time!